John Hunt on July 15, 2014

During the months of June and July, CO KhonKaen held their first ever English Camp for university students. During this strange extended summer, as Thailand adjusts to the ASEAN agreement, the Thai students have to wait for the new school term to begin in August, just like in the USA. So we held an English camp for 55 students with help from our Cross Cultural Project students. What an awesome opportunity for US students to live in the same apartment complex with camp participants. We are trusting God that he will use these relationships in a mighty way! 

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TSP 2010

Sano & Honey on March 5, 2010 Comments (3)

Thai Summer Project 2010  The majority of our staff team leave TODAY (Saturday, March 6) for Chiang Mai for the TSP (Thai Summer Project). We are excited that: * 60 students from KKU and NEU are going on this project * Am , Ning , Jane , Ice, Kade (5 non- Christian Girls from NEU .and also 10 guys from NEU) * Nam Kana and Fern  (3 Christian from NEU are attending) Please Pray for  1.Planned Activities:     a. HOPE  DVD Class for non Christian to learn and discussion about God from Bible .    b. Reading from book name ; The reason of...

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School News

John Hunt on March 2, 2010

Just to make sure everyone is aware of the great news - Kristen Trace, who has served over here as a teacher since 2008, has officially taken on the role of school administrator/principal. She will be going to the states this month to raise additional support, but when she returns she will be taking our Covenant Christian School to the next level! It is great to have someone to think for this full-time with a heart to minister to our children and beyond...

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Humble Christians (1 Peter 5)

John Hunt on February 24, 2010

อาทิตย์นี: 1 เปโตร 5:5-14... ขอให้พี่น้องทั้งหลายใคร่ครวณและทำตัวเองคำถามต่อไปนี้• ท่านเป็นคนที่สอนง่ายมั้ยครับ Are you teachable?• ท่านเองตอบสนองอย่างไรตอนที่มีคนตักเตือนแก้ไขท่าน How do you respond to correction and rebuke?• ท่านเป็นคนที่กลับใจใหม่อย่างรวดเร็วและเต็มใจมั้ยครับ Do you repent quickly and thoroughly? How well do you respond? • ท่านเป็นคนเอาใจเขามาใส่ใจเรามากแค่ใหน เราอยู่ในยุคที่ไม่ค่อยสนใจเพื่อนมนุษย์เท่าไร How considerate are you of others? • ท่านเป็นคนที่ปรนนิบัติและได้รับการปรนนิบัติอย่างดีมั้ยครับ Do you give and receive service well?• ท่านเป็นคนที่ตระหนักถึงพระคุณพระเจ้าอย่างสมุมเสมอมั้ยครับ  Are you constantly aware of God’s grace?• ตอนที่ท่านไม่เห็นด้วยกับคนอื่นๆ ท่านทำอย่างอบอุ่นด้วยความรัก Do you disagree agreeably?• ท่านรู้สึกว่า เป็นคนที่ต้องการความสนใจและการปฏิญาณตนจากคนอื่นๆมากแค่ไหน How much do you need attention and affirmation? 

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January Retreat Results

Brian Firpo on January 29, 2010

Thanks for praying for our Friends Forever Evangelistic Retreat this past weekend.  At least three students expressed that they wanted to begin a new relationship with Christ.  Awd, one of the P.E. Sophomores we asked you to pray for said he wanted to know God but didn’t know how.  All the guys/girls had a great time and heard the gospel clearly both through proclamation and explanation.  Many wrote down on their retreat evaluation that they would be interested in joining a Bible study.  All of the staff will be busy over the next month before finals challenging these to Bible...

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